60 powerful minutes of dancing

This is a fitness/aerobics class, with many different genres of music involving repetitive moves to keep your heart rate going and giving you a full body workout. I incorporate lots of HIIT routines to challenge yourself even more. You will burn anywhere from 300 up to 800 calories.

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HIIT Routines

This dance fitness class incorporates HIIT routines to challenge your body. You will burn anywhere from 300 to 800 calories. My goal is for you to see your potential and all your mind and body are capable of.

Full Body Workout

We have many different genres of music involving repetitive moves to keep your heart rate going and give you a full-body workout. No dance experience is required.

Energetic and Exhilarating

A space you can escape for just 60 minutes and do something for yourself, your mind and your body. A no judgement area, where you can always be your most authentic self. Leave your worries at the door.

Our Mission

I know sometimes it’s so hard to get out of the house, truly do something for yourself, and escape for just a moment. I want to create a space where you can do that, for just 1 hour.

I want us to light up this world. Push your limits & see your beauty within.

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WHat they say

It’s a completely judgment-free zone and I am so grateful for that. It’s a great workout and has boosted my confidence to dance with my kids at home and in the car. I just love it. Definitely try a class and vibe with us.

Dancer at N3InMotion

Kat is a very special person she makes everyone feel good about themselves! I am the oldest person in the group and I am not able to do everything but she doesn’t make me feel out of place at all! The scale is now moving in the right direction because of her! Dancing is fun with Kat!!!!

Dancer at N3InMotion

I can’t express enough how this class has changed me inside and out. I was hooked after 1 class. I get a great workout and mental release. The energy from everyone in the class is truly electric. On average I burn 500 calories each class and leave feeling empowered.

D Hernandez

Dancer at N3InMotion

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Single Class: $10

Unlimited Monthly Classes: $80

We charge a flat fee of $10 per class. Our classes are fun and exhilarating. This is about the way each and every one of you impacts the whole world when you step into a room just being YOU.

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